Scattered Ceiling Balloons

Loose helium-filled balloons scattered on a ceiling with long ribbons attached is a really good decorating idea. 

It can also look very elegant with tulle ribbon instead of standard curling ribbon or really festive with extra ribbon attached and curled.

However, you do need to consider your venue, the size of it and what will work best.

High Ceiling

If the ceiling is high all your decoration will be up there where people don't spend all night (or day) looking.  By instead using floor bouquets (balloons attached to weights) or other decor, such as columns or arches, the balloons are in the eyesight of the viewer and aid in filling the venue with decoration.  

If you really want to put balloons on a high ceiling, long ribbons down to the height of your guests will fill in the space and draw the eye up to the decor.


Ceiling Balloons

If you do choose to have balloons scattered on the ceiling be mindful of the space and how many you will need to fill the area. For the best coverage you need to allow 10 balloons per square metre of ceiling area.

The following is 100 scattered ceiling balloons over 10 square metres.  

If the entire ceiling area is too large for you to get a good coverage with balloons, consider focusing on one area and do that well. For example, just the dance floor or the centre of the room or an area where the ceiling has been lowered. 

If you are not sure of the size of your ceiling contact your venue, they should already know or measure it for you.  However if are now deciding against balloons scattered on the ceiling, please call us and we can give you plenty of alternative ideas and suggestions.

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